Lookbook – Oroceo Castro

  • Designer:

    Oroceo Castro

  • Model:

    Tam Fawcett

  • Photographer:

    David Diep

Editorial Shoot for Melbourne Designer Label – Oroceo Castro

Photography – David Diep

Model – Tam Fawcett

Hair & Makeup – Lidiya Kaplun – LMK Makeup Artist

Pronunciation: ‘oh-ruh-SAY-oh, kas-troh’

The name comes from of our last name and our mum’s maiden name. We were born in the beautiful Philippines, moved to sunny Perth to study and ended up in gorgeous Melbourne to work.

We draw inspiration from all these places that we lived in that are completely different and possess unique cultures. We are also crazy about travelling and there’s a plethora of fashion inspiration out there!

We gravitate towards a polished yet edgy aesthetic and we like to explore different silhouettes and other design elements to make things more interesting. We believe style and fashion should be fun and should make everyone feel good AND therefore should help make the world a better place. 🙂

Our products are all made in Melbourne,Australia.

Thanks so much for checking out our website and we hope it somehow inspires you. Keep smiling!

Lots of love,
Paolo and Ginny